Starting Your Computer Science Career

Computer science careers are an excellent choice for those who excel in math. Even though careers are challenging, the rewards are excellent in terms of salary and other perks such as stock options if you work for a multinational corporation such as Microsoft.

Other than high wages, computer science professionals enjoy a comfortable working environment and a stable paycheck is always almost guaranteed even during an economic downturn.

For careers in computer science, there are several options you can choose. The choices are computer engineering, administration or programming. The following are some guidelines on how to start a career in computer science.

  1. A Bachelor degree in computer science is the basic requirement you need in order to pursue a computer science career.
  2. Go for a part-time job or an internship in computer science when you are in college or university. The experiences you gain from these jobs are invaluable later in your careers after you graduate and when you are looking for a full-time computer science position. Some recommended websites for internship and part-time jobs are and
  3. Decide early in your study on the career path that you want to specialize in computer science. Some examples are if you want to focus on certain areas such as computer repair or programming languages such as C or C++. Becoming a network administrator is also one of the options in computer science careers. You will require different work experience and academic qualifications for different jobs in computer science. Therefore, you are recommended to choose the specialization early when you are still in college.
  4. A portfolio of programs is all you need to showcase your software coding skills to the potential employers. For instance, if you want to do Windows programming, design the program in C++ or Visual Basic. If you want to do Internet programming, write the program in JAVA language. Your potential employers will definitely be impressed by the portfolio of programs which showcase your coding skills.
  5. Go for a master degree when you decide to compete for top-level engineering or programming jobs such as a project manager, a system administrator, a program developer, and a research analyst. A software research and development position certainly requires a Master or even a Ph.D. degree in computer science.
  6. Seek help from your college’s or school’s career center. The career center at your school is the best place with a lot of resources that helps you find the right job. Go to online job website such as ITJobs, Dice, and which specialize in high technology position especially in computer science jobs.

All in all, computer science careers will prove a challenging yet rewarding career field.